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Our Mission:

  • To revitalize the materials manufacturing industry in Wisconsin and the United States. To help transition from laboratory scale research to industrial manufacturing
  • To bring together local higher education institutions (UWM, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Marquette University, Milwaukee Area Technical College) with Wisconsin industries through collaboration.
  • To create ties with National and International research institutes
  • To develop collaborative agreements with leading materials manufacturing centers in the US and around the world

Our Focus:

  • Metals and composites.
  • Lightweight materials for transportation
  • Materials for energy generation, transmission, and storage. Batteries, fuel cells, wind and solar energy.
  • Materials for water storage, transmission, and purification.
  • Materials for biomedical applications such as implants and external support systems.
  • Green manufacturing of materials and the use of reduced or renewable energy.
  • Materials for Defense and Homeland Security
  • Materials for Navy and Air Force

Current Areas of Research:
  • High Performance Castings
  • Metal Matrix Micro and Nanocomposites
  • Metal Matrix Syntactic Foams
  • Self Healing Materials
  • Self Cleaning Materials
  • MMC Database for TMS, DoD, and industry