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Laboratory Scale Technologies Developed at UWM and Available for Technology Transfer:
  1. Cast Aluminum-Fly Ash components for transportation and electrmechanical machinery, including intake manifolds, mounting brackets, meter casing and transmission housing.
  2. Self lubricating Cast Aluminum Graphite particle components for pistons, liners and bearings.
  3. Aluminum Matrix Nanocomposites castings for structural and wear resistant applications
  4. Cast Aluminum-Graphite fiber composite components for structural and thermal management applications
  5. Lead free Copper Graphite components for plumbing and bearing applications
  6. Cast iron base composits with enhanced modulus and decreased density for transportation and machinery applications
  7. Lead fly ash cenosphere composites for light weight battery applications and x-ray shields
  8. Polymer-fly ash cenosphere composites for energy absorbing applications
  9. Polymer-natural fiber composites for structural and non-structural applications
  10. Self healing stress alloys and composites preliminary
List of new metal matrix composites developed by UWM
  • Al-Graphite, Al2O3
  • Al-Graphite Fiber
  • Al-SiC Particle
  • Al-Alumina Particle
  • Al- Zircon (ZrSiO4)
  • Al- Titania (TiO2)
  • Al- Zirconia (ZrO2)
  • Al- Coconut Shell Char
  • Al- Illite Clay
  • Al- Rice Husk Ash
  • Al-Fly Ash
  • Al-Red Mud
  • Al-SiO2
  • Iron-Al2O3
  • Iron-Titanium Carbide
  • Lead- Graphite
  • Lead- Fly Ash
  • Al-Graphite-Silicon Carbide
  • Al-Graphite-Alumina
  • Al-Alumina (47nm)
  • Al-Steel Wire
  • Copper-Graphite Particle
  • Copper-Fly Ash
  • Zinc-Graphite
  • Zinc-Fly Ash
  • Zinc- Alumina
  • Magnesium-Graphite
  • Magnesium-Fly Ash
  • Al-WC
List of industrial uses of metal matrix composites:
  • Lower Drag Brace for the F16 - Ti-SiC
  • Lightweight Composite Core for Power Lines (CTC) Al-composite core
  • Brake rotors for German high speed train ICE-2 Al-Si, Mg and SiC
  • Cylinder liner – LOKASIL-composite used in Porsche Boxter
  • Space Shuttle Orbiter Main Cargo Bay Struts – Aluminum Composite
  • Hubble Space Telescope Antenna Waveguide Mast – 6061/C melt infiltration P-100 carbon fibers
  • Spartan Auxiliary Mounting Plate
  • Hubble Space Telescope Antenna Waveguide Mast – 6061/C melt infiltration P-100 carbon fibers
  • F-16 Fuel Access Door Covers - 6092/SiC/17.5p
  • F–16 Ventral Fins – 6092/SiC/17.5p rolled P/M
  • Fan Exit Guide Vanes – 6092/SiC/17.5p rolled P/M
  • Eurocopter Blade Sleeves - 2009/SiC/15p-T4 P/M to replace Ti-6Al-4VV-22 Hydraulic Manifold – A206/SiC/40p pressure infiltration (cheaper than whisker-reinforced)
  • Ti-MMC Exhaust Valves / Toyota Altezza : Ti-SiC
  • MMC Cylinder Liners / Honda Prelude Al-SiC-C
  • MMC Brake Rotors or Brake Drums Al-SiC
  • MMC Driveshaft / Chevy Corvette
  • In Situ MMC / ISPRAM – Extruded Seat Fastening Rail of Airbus
  • Forged Connecting Rod Al-SiC
  • Recreational products -golf, bicycles, athletic shoes Al-SiC
  • DRA Brake Fin for Walt Disney World Big Thunder Railway Thrill Ride Al-SiC
  • Generator Housing – Al and Mg reinforced with hybrid-composite- 6092/SiC/17.5p DRA
  • MMC electronic cooling plate- Toyota Hybrid Al-SiC
  • Al-SiC Microwave packaging used in LEO communication satellites