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Desired Equipment at CAMM

The following is a list of the equipment we would like to obtain at CAMM:
  • Large scale stir mixing equipment with ultrasonic capability (100 lb)
  • Large scale pressure infiltration equipment
  • Split Hopkinson test bar equipment
  • Drop weight impact testing equipment
  • Controlled solidification experiment set up in controlled atmosphere
  • Near net shaped perform making equipment
  • Directional solidification equipment
  • Tomography
  • Equal channel extrusion
  • Porosimeter
  • GPU Cluster
  • Controllable environment chamber for accelerated aging tests of materials
  • Corrosion rate and corrosion evaluation test equipment
  • 55 kip servo-hydraulic tension-compression test system
  • Non-contact laser ultrasound system
  • X-ray / tomography NDE equipment
We need your input on what equipment you would like CAMM to acquire and maintain